My html is soft rejected, I not understand.

Hi to all:

My html is soft rejected and I not understand all lists please help me thanks. :slight_smile:

SPACING AND ALIGNMENT: There are spacing and alignment issues in this item. Please make sure that all elements are aligned properly and spacing is consistent from section to section. Here are some articles with more information regarding negative space and proper spacing:,

RESPONSIVE ISSUES: Your files are either inaccurately represented as responsive or have responsive layout issues. Please take a moment to make sure that your design layout looks correct at different breakpoints and that all text is scaled appropriately for smaller devices.

Inline CSS is only allowed for specific reasons, like a slider plugin that required them, please move the inline CSS code into files.

PROPER EVENT BINDING: Consider using the preferred .on() method rather than .click(), .bind(), .hover(), .load(), .resize(), etc. For best performance and concise code use event delegation whenever possible:


all are bad with me becuase notihng help me :frowning:

Your demo link has a 404 error.

The responsive issue is likely referring to the hero image aspect ratio. It’s very squashed on smaller screens. See screenshot below.

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Many thanks :slight_smile:,but I not understand SPACING AND ALIGNMENT :frowning:

Here are a few issues I have noticed.

This spacing doesn’t work.

This needs even spacing top and bottom and on the sides


Same again the padding is different on the sides compared to the bottom.

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Many thanks, I will fixed :slight_smile: regards.

Hi to all:

2 times Soft rejected my html, please explain because I need understand message:

  1. The choice of typeface should support the purpose of the design and by extension, the needs of the intended audience.


  1. It’s recommended that you pair complementary fonts that add to the design aesthetic you’re going for. In general, a design should utilize less than three (ideally two) font variations that each compliment another — not compete for attention.


  1. The design needs improvements in color usage. Although you may feel this is a subjective topic, it is quite objective and relevant to core design principals and will affect the file’s overall appeal. The use of one color across so many elements creates a somewhat “flat” appearance and reduces overall visual hierarchy.


I hope you will help me thanks. regards.


up please help me thanks.

For points 1 and 2. Think about introducing another font instead of just Poppins for both headings and paragraph text. The design is aimed towards weddings so perhaps you could choose a heading font more suited to this theme?

  1. Think about introducing a 3rd colour to complement the pink/purple. The reviewer is stating that the single colour is over used as it appears on all elements/hover state.
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Many thanks but I will use diferent font title and paragraph text… and I will add more 3rd color themes red? pink/purple and red? please help me because I not understand very good english.

No you don’t need to add a 3rd color varient. You need to add another color to the pink and purple themes that goes with them and reduce the use of pink and purple as currently it’s used too much.

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sorry, I need add more colors themes? 6 themes?

please help me???

It’s hard to explain with the language barrier.

There is too much pink used in the design. Add another color. For example pink and blue together.

Agregue otro color para complementar el rosa. Por ejemplo, rosa y azul.

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I already understand many thanks :slight_smile: for you help me :slight_smile:

Ya entiendo muchas gracias. :slight_smile: por su ayuda :slight_smile:

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