My hard rejected tracks,would like to have a professional feedback


I’m new to audiojungle and to stock music in general and as I expected my first tracks were rejected.
But why? Is it the composition, mix/master or are they simply not good enough?
I’ve never really had professional feedback on my tracks, can you help me out?
Thank you !

About the first one there is nothing i can say but that it may not follow the “standard” structure of the tracks that are accepted in this website!
The second one, Here We Go, everything sounds too MIDI in my opinion, specially the guitars wich makes the track sounds a bit like old video game tracks!
Altough i’m not a professional I hope i could help


What is the “standard structure”? I’ve been seeing people reference this, but nobody has said so far what this means.

beats me… but I’ve noticed that a lot of the pop/rock tracks doesn’t have intro-verse-chorus parts they just keep on building

Hi! Here you can clearly see the shortcomings of your outdated sound (your synthesizers and more) + not quite good mixing. This is what immediately rushed to my ears. It doesn’t sound modern!
Try to listen to the top tracks in the same genres!
Good luck! :wink:

Hi, I used outdated sounds on purpose ,as it was supposed to be retro-sounding :slight_smile: (i saw similar tracks on audiojungle), but I agree, I need to practice mixing a lot, thanks!

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