My frist design got rejected

I uploaded this design to Graphic River > Illustration > People I uploaded in eps,jpeg(below) and transparent png formats. Why do you think it got rejected?

It’s clear that it’s traced from a photo, and it also looks to have many small imperfections. Overall there’s no style to it, it looks unfinished.


hi first of all make sure that the execution is properly done and looks professional all the way … keep in mind that here is where the big dogs play … and that expectations are in keeping with this … , also try to stick to color combination that look harmonious and coherent about theme or complementary colors. I also agree with @XioxGraphix, the lack of concept makes it a losing interest in a way … not to mention that anyone knowing illustrator could redo this and would save money rather than buying so that they can save money … so basically enough , the item has very little commercial potential as such , in my opinion

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