My friend who built my website and his Themeforest account has been disabled.

My Agency Themeforest account has been disabled.

I was taking a website development service from the agency and paid for the theme charge, and they purchased the theme for our project.

We were getting an update smoothly.

But on a recent date, they informed me that I could not have access to the themeforest account because the account had been disabled from where I had purchased two themes from the agency. person.

What should I do now?

In summary,

I told my friend who runs an agency to get me a theme for my project.

He bought a theme and made a website.

I was having a problem with the theme and contacted the theme company’s customer support, and the theme company asked for my ThemeForest login information.

I asked for the login information from my friend who created my project and purchased the theme on his account.

My friend informed me that the themeforest account had been disabled and that he was unable to access the account.

But I want the theme update and theme support.

I don’t know what to do ?

You will need to buy your own license - it’s bad practice for anyone to buy items for clients, and frankly if their profile has been disabled officially then you want to be disconnected from that as far as you can be anyway.

Once you have your own license you can use that to get updates and will have a new 6 months worth of support

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So I need to re-purchase a theme ?

Yes, then you will get you down license/purchase code and support.

You could even overwrite the old copy as you update so you are effectively starting fresh. If the website has been done properly (can’t guarantee without seeing it so make sure you back up properly) then it shouldn’t impact any of the content that has been added.