My Font was rejected… any idea why?

I submitted this font and it got rejected, and I’m not totally sure why.

It’s an all-caps font, and there are three weights. It has a complete alphabet, all the numbers, and a good majority of popular symbols and punctuation. It’s an OTF font. I even checked to make sure the kerning between letters like V and A and such are good. So I’m really rather lost as to where the quality might be lacking.

Please help?

hi i am really sorry but i have no idea as i am not an expert for this kind of item to say the least … for me the font looks a bit too thin , no matter what is the variation , but i guess that must not be the reason lol

You need to work more on kernings. TH, JU, LA, FO, AZ letters are too far apart.
Also the recommended character set is:

. , ; : ”„“ ‘ ’ ‚ … ‹ › » « * ( ) { } / – -_<>?!$@&+?^#


Thank you so much! I will be sure to fix this and make sure I have it right for the next one! Thank you!

yes u are right buddy :slight_smile: