My font item has been rejected! WHY ?


Can anyone tell me why this item has been rejected (hard) ?

Thank you.

Hi, I think you should definitely improve the presentation of your item and maybe this was the reason for the rejection.
Try and showcase the use of your font - on a dark background, on a light background, etc. explore different use cases, is your product more suitable for print or digital, try and show the users that.
Look at how other authors are showcasing their products in this category and you will see that there is a difference.
The reviewers look for these kinds of things - good demo/showcase/presentation of author’s items.


You need to show you font in real context and create some real usage examples. The problem is that the usage field is very narrow and the selling potential is low Also the letters are hard to read.


hi indeed, i see a variety of reasons for the font to potentially be rejected , from more “shallow” reasons to more serious ones, so to speak… the fact of the matter is that , according to me the very big problem that u have to deal with is that the font is hardly readable by nature, also due to the fact that u only have caps and no small ones … in addition, the presentation is definitely not selling much what u have done as u are violating a basic design principle, which in a snowball effect gets u int deep trouble indeed. The concerned presentation makes it not outstanding as expected in the first place but this is , as well, making a difficult font to read even more difficult to read so that this is dramatically decreasing the potential commercial effect that the item may have been , so why approving it in the end ? if u know what i mean …