My flyer was rejected, why?


Colleagues, tell me please, what’s wrong with my flyer?
Thanks in advance for your replies.

Hello, sorry for I say you that you flyer is very bad background and palms dificult understand but typography is very dificult to read I feed too spacing… Also model is very sad face not happy and very bad glow.

This was not meant to be “glow” if you’re talking about coloring the model.
Thanks for the detailed answer, I understand you!

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What disease does the model suffer from?

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It seems model is very sad

You have an incredible sense of humor…
Thanks for the answer

Thanks again! :wave:

I love the background, it has to be very good for a winter party.
The model looks not sad but a little sexy and it looks better with a little blue tint.
But the overal design, colors, typo, hierarchy is nog fits very well.

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Thanks for your answer!