My flyer was rejected. Please help me

I’m new to a graphic river.
And I don’t know why my submission was rejected.

hi i like what u have here hard to identify precisely why u could not make it , though there are small things that u may improve in my view
our services should rather been aligned with bullets instead of other texts , this will strengthen the hierarchy of information and look more aligned in the end … same goes with new year discount, u’d better choose to align it with join and 35. This is a bit strange not to put 35% in yellow as well as the percent is really commercial issue …and it would spring out more this way and u have the same kind of “invention issue” for the main title , the less important part “in” is the most visible one in the end …

Perhaps the main reason for rejection is the lack of showing customization, and that using a different model could be quite difficult for buyers, I honestly don’t see any other reasons, besides what n2n44 said. It could be worth showing some different colour variations, and showing a version with a different model.

I was also thinking that it could be due to the marketplace already having similar items, but after looking through 15 pages of fitness flyers on GR, I can’t find a single one that looks like this.

Thank you for your feedback. I think there is a problem in my psd file
Please check my psd file.
This my psd flyer link

Please check my PSD file.

A problem with the file is very rarely, if ever the reason for a hard rejection. If it was something like the layers aren’t arranged well enough, or something went wrong when saving, etc. they will always give you a soft rejection and tell you what needs to be done.

Looking at your file, everything seems to be done really well. It’s 300DPI, CMYK, has a bleed, layers are organized and colour coordinated, and everything is easily customizable.

This is indeed a little puzzling as to why they rejected it.

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technical reason as for i know i never the cause of a hard rejection it may help to make the decision maybe if they are really half hearted i guess but i have never heard or seen any technical thing being the reason for a flyer to be hard rejected