My Flyer is rejected within half an hour... What's going on???

Hello Team, My almost 9 flyers reject i don’t know what’s the real problem is? Plz help me to figure out what’s the problem… Check these out and tell me where is the problem…image


I am also getting rejected. May be because we are new.

Ok, what i can realize that your design looks good, but the text could be more visible with a different color. also your lights are green and white. Is that a mistake? they should all look like a glowing star.

Best of luck!

Regarding this flyer.
First of all the main idea is more about a gay parade than a country celebration.
The colors of the flyer are way off. Is it even CMYK?. In your flyer the flag is green and red. Be carefull when you add flares. Some of the stars have a unapealing glow
You have to work a lot more on the flyer. Typography and main idea.

Yep, the background being too basic, and July having layer issues, probably being the main reasons?