My flyer is rejected..I'm already tired. what I doing wrong??please help me, please please please please....

You have done plenty of great looking flyers, so l would say lack of color is the main problem.

A real beer with lighting affects will most likely outsell a one color design.

Good luck, and nice folio.


Hi tmcom. Thanks for your attentio! they are again rejected my new flyer.

You have me stumped on that one, it looks great, and l am concentrating more on Halloween, but have had quite a few failures, for high end products for that one.

Sometimes it all comes down to studying the niche and seeing what others have not done, and steering clear of that.

For example, do not put in spider webs that are open, or the web ends fade away instead of attaching to something, since that is probably considered messy, and will result in rejection.

Good luck.


Thank for your answer!

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