My flyer got rejected



Can someone please tell me whats the standard of graphic river??


I think you have to work more on your Design. It look to simple. Try to not use a pure white bakground. The paint strokes are a bit messy, maybe you can try to use just 2/3 kind of strokes and 2/3 colors. The texts should be ok


Thanks man. What do you mean 2/3? Did you mean use two to three? Or two third?


I mean min.2 max 3 different colours


So you mean that i will use 2 brushes and 3 colors? :frowning:


Is up to you. You can use 3 diferent colours, 3 diferent paint strokes, but not more (it’s just my opinion). Maybe you can try putting a subject in the flyer.


Yeah man. Thanks. :slight_smile: