My flyer design was Rejected for the second time. Can anyone help please

Please help me to improve flyer design. This is the second time my item has been hard rejected. I don’t know why my item is rejected for quality reasons when I have followed all the standards that is required for a flyer design. Please Can someone tell me where I am making the mistake.I have attach the last flyer that was rejected. Still not giving up…
Please help and review.

I don’t do those sort of flyers, but l suspect that the main reason was the slight transparent edges around the "60% DISCOUNT, etc parts.

You are trying to put one transparent layer over another, and it looks not nice, to say the least.

I would make it solid, before trying again.

As well as , changing the base colors text, that is really hard to see, and removing the TOPIC #2 parts as they are breaking heirachy rules.

And bring the doctors head down, as it looks like her head is attacked to a dark bar, (better still remove the doctor and drugs reference, as it looks like a medical flyer, instead of a business one)

And move the womens head down, as the logo here is cutting her head off.

Good luck.


The typography is a mess, it needs a lot of cleaning up. A good font paring and careful organisation will help. It looks too crammed in now, there are a number of parts that need to be spaced out more. When I talk about organising and cleaning up the layout, one example is that the 3 columns of phone, email address at the bottom aren’t lined up with the 3 columns above them. This looks messy. Plus the way you’ve stretched out THE BEST NETWORK, and OUR SERVICES seems to be centre aligned while the rest is left aligned - these also look really bad and messy. Finally you should change YOUR LOGO HERE with an actual logo. And like I said, stretching out the text is a bad idea. Keep practising, typography takes a lot of time to master. :slight_smile:

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Hello thanks very much for your feedback. I will take it into account when I am making my next design for submission.

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Hello, I am so so happy with your response regarding my flyer. You went through the flyer and brought out all the things you found to be wrongly placed. I really do appreciate your reply and I hope to be successful next after I have made all the changes you proposed.

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