My first WordPress theme on Themeforest! My biggest childhood dream came true!


I hope you’re doing well! I just wanted to share my story with you.

About 8 years ago when I saw Themeforest for the first time and realised how it works I decided this what I’m going to do, this is what I wanna do.

Back then I had no idea what I was getting myself into, I had never written a single line of code, never used WordPress, never done any web design before, but I was hungry, so I started learning and working really hard. Since then I could manage to quit my job and start my small web design agency to focus on what’s important and get some experience.

It was a long and very difficult journey, but I’m finally here and I’m so proud to be a part of this great community, sell my work next to the most talented and greatest authors around the world on the largest marketplace Themeforest.

If you have a minute, please let me know what do you think about my theme, I’d really like to hear your opinion. Thank you in advance! :wink:



The PHP issue you’re getting in your item comments is due to the user having an older version of PHP installed on their server, than what you’ve coded for in your theme.

Officially WP supports PHP 5.2.4 so you need to code with the limitations of that in mind:

Basically you’ve used a shorthand for something that PHP 5.2 doesn’t support, so it’s throwing an unexpected character error.

Lovely looking theme btw! I hope the above helps :slight_smile:



Thank you so much for your help and feedback, I really appreciate it! :wink:
I’ve been following you on Themeforest lately and you’ve been doing impressive work. Congratulations!