My first wine label was rejected, please help me!

My first wine label was rejected, please help me.
If anyone can tell me where I went wrong.
After I review the mistake can I sell it again?
For viewing you can see here what I worked

Thank you very much for any advice you give me for the future.

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hi well indeed, the arts thing is that , this is looking like clipart-like style and i think that this is very incompatible with the theme that u want to deal with . no-one , i guess , in the wine industry want to inspire something else than luxury or artisanal values … then u have self limited your work to the us market with what u have done , when i am afraid that this is not necessarily the most important target … i know that there are more california wines now but restricting to a market in particular is not a smart move anyways for u to make sure that u will generate sales and money with the concerned item , but the thing is why would reviewers approve an item with a very limited target right from the being , so with little commercial expectations … otherwise , the back of these designs are too plain and it would take u to have more graphic design into it and to push the envelope about this … the name is not properly placed as this is not only choking (or not breathing enough ) but this is also not valuing the brand , which is not the best way to do with this sort of business and activity. u have a lack of contrast and some texts are nearly readable and of course not outstanding enough so that u have a real hierarchy of information in the process, too … the typo looks outdated if u ask me, apart from texts being hard to read and the colors and the lack on contrast with the background are not helping either. the typo would be more about original touches, introducing more variations and offering more font combinations, too. u should also emphasize the grape / flag composition if u want to keep it by dropping some shadows to undeline it …

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n24n44 Thank you very much for your time in detailing the mistakes made in this design and the advice you gave me. I hope to succeed in meeting the standards required on the market. Thank you again!