My first upload was rejected.

Spent a good bit of time on this working on the vectors and flyers,

anyone got any tips on how I could improve on this?

You’ve gone for a simple style, but to me it looks too simple. It just doesn’t look appealing at all. The typography is very boring - just all one font, a font with no character to it. These look a long way from being good enough to be approved.

In terms of improving on fonts and such what would your suggestions be? I do quite like this minimalistic style.

Any examples of where to look for new templates?

This is a good place to start -

There are 1000s of flyers on here and loads of inspiration.

With text, you should be using 2 fonts usually - a good layout will normally have 2 (or sometimes 3) fonts paired together.

Premium look and feel is missing.

I agree with ToivoMedia, typography and spacing, elements included seems to be worked out more

Thanks for all the feedback will try harder with any future submissions :slight_smile:

Cheers :slight_smile:

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