My first upload was hard rejected. Need advices.


Yesterday I uploaded my first product here and I got hard reject. These are glitched marble backgrounds, 3464x3464 pixels, 300 dpi .JPEGs. Need to know what to improve so to meet quality standards. Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

hi this is hard to tell why as i am not an expert for this sort to items … though i think that some of them are not really aesthetic if u ask me … i particularly like the first and the last one but the three ones in the middle are more subject to discussion and i think that the penultimate one looks really too grunge and its colors are not harmonious and thus the item is having very little commercial potential …

Hello! Thank you for the reply! You say you’re not an expert for backgrounds etc. but I expected to hear exactly your opinion as I observe the latest topics and I like the way you give detailed advices.

I made these on three Android apps, first and last on GlitchLab and the other three on ChromaLab. I also think that GlitchLab makes better ones. But I though these colors are trendy and that grunge/glitch effects are trendy?? That is why I made this choice of colors and effects.

Maybe in the future before uploading anything I first have to ask for opinions here. :slight_smile: That would spare me disappointment.

lol it depends on you … if u feel like it u can … though be aware of this … u will have as many opinions as guys answering here … we are not all experts of all type of items too , as i honestly mentioned to u as regard to what u have done, in my case , i can just give u a “feeling” , i am a graphic designer for 16+ years but i have never done this type of thing and have no idea of what envato’s requirements turn out to be for accepting items intros category …

I plan to make more vectors in the future too (for now I only vectoirze isolated items) so I’ll be happy to have you and others’ opinions on them too. :slight_smile:

u will , u can rest assured :slight_smile:

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