My first upload... rejected. Any advice?

Hi All, I uploaded my first tract to AudioJungle… and it was rejected!

Please can I ask for some feedback from some of you as to where I might have it wrong.

The rejection was because “This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.”

Many thank for any feedback.

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One listening, i feel some instruments out of tempo.

Thank you for Manriquedelara for your feedback.
Can you let me know which instruments and any particular times?

I think this mix have no same space. Bass, solo guitar and drums in “different rooms”.

It is complicated to tell you what and where.
For example, the bass and the drums doesnt fit. And some guitars.
Use a metronome and you can hear it.

For me, the track instuments pattern too complicated. I’m confused to hear where’s the point of interest of the whole song.

The track is too messy, in places at the same time several solo instruments sound (it reminded me of rehearsals in the garage from childhood), the balance of instruments in volume and space is not observed. Listen to more authors on the site, the main thing is not to stop doing it;)