My First upload help from established Authors

My First theme is created and is Compliance Passed, but I have lots of Doubts Like many First time Up-loader has.
I have successful wordpress themes Authors.

Lets take this Theme as an example -

There are so many images on that Theme showcase Page -

Who Fix them on that the showcase page. Theme-forest People or we once the Theme is approved?

I belive that these images are provided by the theme author, is there any prescribed size of these images, please guide me. Help will be highly appreciated. I am quite new here so almost quite puzzled with the first Upload.

Hello, it’s you who must do before submitting your theme on ThemeForest, for the height, it is like you want, for the width is 616px.

Yeah basically you just create your promotional images, host them somewhere else, and then hotlink to them from img tags in your item description. You have control over the item description and can edit it whenever you want :smile:

They are preview images of different homepage/site layouts i.e. you must not include these unless your theme does actually demo those designs and content.

If this is your first file you might ant to share a lik to the demo here so people can give you feedback pre-submission

Ok thanks can you Please tell me the minimum # of images required at the time of theme submission?

And what are their sizes?

What is the size of this image at the very Top -

590px x300px

Check this

Thanks let me read that.

Here’s what you need to submit:

  1. A description of your theme, it should be beautiful and detailed as your theme :slight_smile:
    Here is a site to preview what will your description:
  2. The avatar of your theme, 80x80px.
  3. The preview image 590x300px
  4. The zip file of your theme, eg,
  5. The full package of your theme that contains documentation, theme, license, etc., eg,

Wow, Thank you so much.

I have one question - My theme has no Theme-check error + No w3c Validations error, but there is one issue -
same issue as explained on this page -

actually when the fresh theme installation is done the save button in theme-options needs to be pressed at-least once to create few tables, I mean database entry as soon as that is done the error vanishes.

This is very bad, the examiner will tell you to fix this problem.

Yes i understand he will think that the theme is broken some how. I have heard that they do not give these suggestions, but Just reject the theme under few categories -
Soft reject or Hard Reject.

It is certain that this will not help accepted the theme, try to resolve this issue quickly.

Thank you so much. I will ask my developer to resolve it immediately tomorrow. Do you have any other suggestions for the first timer?

Do examiner also give personal suggestions what to do I man terms of some minor glitches.

I mean I have heard that they say either Hard reject or soft reject.

If your theme is hard rejected, it sends you a automatically message, if it is soft rejected, they tell you what needs to be improved or fixed.

Great you are so Helpful. I am sure you must be doing a good Job on themeforest. Thank You.

I submitted my theme, it is soft rejected :slight_smile:
I hope he will soon be accepted :slight_smile:

Is one Click Install essential?

No, I did not, but if you can do is always a positive for your customers.

If you share a link to your demo then you will get the most valuable feedback. Without seeing it anyone trying to help is doing so blind