My first trendsetter badge :)

i am happy for my first trendsetter badge :slightly_smiling_face:
and i have question,
how can i tell to my customers rating me?


You can add something like an image or text in your product descriptions where you will request to rate your product.
Another way you can request your customer to rate when they will contact you for getting help or any technical query.


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Congratulations with trends badge!
Unfortunately customers rate items not so frequently as we want)
Keep making new mockups) Good luck!


I always attach a video tutorial “how to customize the item” and at the end of the video tutorial I ask to rate and show how to do it if the client likes my project.

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Congratulations on your badge.

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well done happy for u :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your guidance :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks for the good idea you gave :pray::blush:


Thanks :pray::blush:

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I also made a short video tutorial and uploaded it on YouTube. And when I ask a client to rate one of my item, I send him the link to this video tutorial. You can also attach a text file with the “please rate my item if you like it” text, and the link :nerd_face:


You should offer a solid customer support. After you helped them, you can ask for a rating. This way you can select those who are happy with you. At this time they will be likely to leave a positive rating.

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lol there are many people that u help and help fast and that are not giving u any reward of such sort … a lot of others do , on the other hand but this is a sad to think of a rating only being associated with extra help … as this is not really what rating is all about anyways … normally , if the item is good, no need to contact any one … (except in certain circumstances obviously )