My First Track on AJ! Maybe...

Hello everyone! I’m going to send my first track on Audiojungle! Please tell me your opinion before I do it! Sorry for bad English =(


Good luck for the approval @MusicPlease :slight_smile:

Thank you! @janxcode_team

I’d say it has a 50/50 chance of approval. It seems that a lot of similar average quality corporate cliche stuff has been rejected recently, you might get lucky though. Good luck!

OK! Thank you! @FirstNote

Don’t hear nothing critical here to being rejected. Track seems pretty decent for me. Good luck with it! :wink:

Thank you! I am very worried but do not lose hope! @FireLast

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Iam quite optimistic for this song to get approved.:slight_smile:
Good luck!

Hello! Oh, thanks =)@BeachVibes