My first track after not posting for almost a year

Hey guys I made three tracks a year ago and didn’t take this very seriously but I want to start getting into it seriously now.

This is my first track back I just wanted to know what you guys think before I upload it!

I’m thinking about just ditching the real guitar all together and getting whatever kontakt instrument everyone is using for their guitars lol.

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the track was nice in general but the kicks bothered me. this is my idea…

What about it bothered you?

I think the kicks are too loud idk it’s sound like that too me

I think the kicks are too loud. It’s kinda messing up the background insterments

Decrease the kick and boost the guitar riff with super high distortion mixing to bring out the track more energetic. I’m sure they will love the loud, crisp and wide sounds on rock music. There is a lot of example here which sound insane!

Haha yeah, I just rerendered it with the kick turned down about -4.5 dB. I’m gonna upload it now!