My first theme

I am Submitted my first theme 17 days ago but Currently theme is under processing uploads by themeforest. how many days my theme is under the Queued for Review…

You can check the current Review Turnaround for ThemeForest here:

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@negard Share the demo link if possible. As of today it takes 21 days and if your theme has any errors and design issues it may take a couple more days or even a month in worst case.

Good luck :slight_smile:

i am check this link before 3 days. here WordPress theme review day is 16 days

thanks bro, i’m wordpress expert. It is not possible error in my theme. and thanks for reply I think themeforest update his wordpress themes time period

Sounds like it shouldn’t take much longer then.

As mentioned you can always share the demo link here for feedback in the meantime if you want while you wait it out

Trying not to laugh reading that.

Well, I saw themes being reviewed under 2 weeks. So, good luck again and can we see your demo ?

yes, but contact me on my email…

Are you trying to charge me :slight_smile: You can provide a link here, you’ll get better feedback from everyone.

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@negard Are you afraid of sharing link here :smiley:

no I’m not… Actually I want special your feedback send me on our email… demo link here

yes brother,

With all due respect that is not going to get approved.

  • You need way more features, elements layouts, demos etc. As it is there is not enough to it

  • Mobile display needs works e.g. testimonial alignment, logos oversized, some images cropped

  • Typography is mediocre

  • Inconsistent padding and margins on sections

okay I have already more demo’s but i’m not publish yet. because i’m waiting for approve after approve. I am hide my item then I’m update 2 more demos and layout… i’m waiting for approve…

As said by @charlie4282 your theme has many issues.

On first look I thought it was a Kindergarten WordPress theme, but in a couple of seconds its clear that you made a theme themeforest wouldn’t approve.

These days themeforest is accepting simple html templates even with minimum features if they’re clean and error free. But I don’t know about WordPress, so my best guess is - your theme will be hard rejected.

My first template which I thought was a damn good one was hard rejected in February. So, I took some time and browsed through approved templates and top selling ones and got my second one approved in June.

So, good luck on your second theme :slight_smile:

Are your mind @YDirectionThemes . I am working on this theme before 4 month. it is not sure every first theme is rejected by themeforest i hope my theme is approved

Not including demos is a flaw as you need to demosnstrate everything possible at submission stage and use any assets which you have.

The issue is even with other demos the theme is not there yet.

The design is very basic with the inconsistencies etc. Mentioned above and even niche themes offer multiple versions, home page layouts, blog layouts, multiple pages, portfolio items, and I could be wrong but I thought WordPress themes had to have a blog and post features.

I think, I loaded my second send demo with many of pix and posts in 2 days

friends re review my demo and guest me…