my first theme got hard rejected

this is my first PSDtemplet (, that was designed my designer. But this get hard reject. Please help me experts. What was design missing.

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RedPen is being a pain for me to comment on it but with all due respect this is nowhere near the standard needed for PSDs here and you would do better to forget it, familiarise yourself with the trends and standards and start something new.

Some (not all issues):

  • typography needs a ton of work
  • spacing and padding consistency needs attention
  • design feels very very outdated and simple plus lacks anything unique or premium
  • very overused empty space on many sections
  • lacks hierarchy and just feels like a bunch of background images and a few bits of text/images dropped on top

A new color palette would help too. charlie4282 is right. Take a look on tut+.

thank you for help me.