My first theme-Feedback

I’m trying to submit my first onepage theme . I’d like to get some feedback before I submit the theme

I would love if you could give me some advices.What is wrong! Thank you


Great work !!
If i were you, i would work on :

  1. X scroll
  2. First statistics (Skills part)
  3. Nothing happens if i click on this part :
  4. On click nothing happens, and its inconsistent spacing too :
  5. Blog section on home page, need to link title,date.

thank you verry much

Good Work!!!.
here is something i have found / suggest.
testimonial section looking like this why?
Latest News Section i am unable to read out the titles.
when we click on the menu items it took me to that section but not closing the menu I thing it should close it and then take it to that section.
little bit spacing issue in some section

These are my suggestions.
if you don’t want to do this then its okay, because you have done already a good work. Best of luck

you have right, i do these things.Thank you verry much

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Needs some overall consistency

Hey there

First thing is that it took about 35 seconds to load.

About title h2 is too small, could be better font too.

Team h4 should be larger font.

the 4 boxes under the team images should be lined up to the text and should be evenly spaced.

Gallery image spacing is not consistent.

There are other things too like the images are not the greatest.

Hope this helps



thank you !