My first template finally approved finally! 😄


Finally, my first template was approved.

Unfortunately, my website felt because it’s a free sh#tty subdomain. Now I’m planning to buy a domain, build my portfolio and start to create a new business template (HTML & WP version) with a new kind of design for websites that I want to bring out. But till then I will upload a bunch of screenshots just in case. After a few soft rejections and moments of impatience I DID IT.

Thanks! :smiley:

Why not move it to proper hosting straight away ? the first few weeks are critical, its a bad time for it to be offline.

If you can give me some websites, even with reasonable prices I’d appreciate a lot.
Anyway, link is fixed now. (hope)

Websites as in hosting companies ?

Yep. I was looking for Hostinger. I see they have good prices and the pack of hosting at them isn’t that much (5€ per month).

Now i think i have some issues with taxes. For a 14$ template where buyer fee is 4$, it is normal if i get only 3.24$?? I’m a exclusive author and set on non-us person. I’m a bit confused about individual and tax number and that form to be completed.

Hello, @AndrewArts

First of all congratulations for your item approval and Good luck with great sales too.

About Earning calculcation :slight_smile:

Item price : $14 wit h exclusive author and you are not belong to US then your earning will calculate like below : -

You will Get $6.25 for your each sales - How i calculate

$14 - $4 - Buyer fees =$10 You get in which

$6.25 [item earning] + 3.75 [support] = $10

In which extra tax + author fees deducted

$2.34 [author fees] + $1.41 [support fees]= $3.75

FInal amount = $10 - $3.75 = $6.25

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Actually, I got 3.24 net. 1.5$ I had from a prevous interface (3$, after fees 1.5).

Congrats with first approve) It’s very pleasent moment! :slight_smile:

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Congratulations mate :slight_smile: Good luck with the sales :slight_smile:

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Congratulation :slight_smile: Good Luck for your future. I also submitted an item 19 days and it was site template but still on review I don’t know when it will approve. Would you please suggest me what can I do now ?

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Thanks a lot!

Well, just be patient. Envato Quality team receive a lot of submissions. For me it took about 21 days, got 3 soft rejects then finally approved in 3 days. Don’t ever think to delete it now. Just wait to get an answer. And prepeare your website preview. I had a free domain and it was worst. Good luck

Congrats)))) :wink:

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Thanks for sharing your experience…:smiley:

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well done, happy for you :slight_smile:

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Thank you all. Now I have level 2 author badge! ^^

Nice!.. keep it UP… :blush:

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