My first submission rejected 😐

I submit my first design. But it rejected.
“Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Pizza social media banner pack” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”
I did my best but cant understand what’s the requirement I missed. Can you help me ?

Too basic and dependent on the big hero image.

You need to create different designs as well - jsut this one on it’s own is not enough

Personally not a fan of the jagged edge

It doesn’t appear that the white border is evenly dsianced from each edge


Thank you dear your support.
I’ll recreate and develop

hi i think that u are facing a combination of different issues indeed

1- global style
well sorry to say just this , but, at this stage, the item u have created depends much on the picture (which look good by the way) , but the problem is that the concerned item cannot be included … so look , if the people had approved it and some had bought, they would probably get disappointed at what they would be downloading … since u have very little graphic design otherwise. It takes u to push the envelope graphic design wise, not only to bring something more original but also for people to pay for something that they will consider as worth paying for , too

2- typo
there is sort of research fo a type of originality but font combinations are no really working super well and the thing is not overly aesthetic in the end , i guess because there is a discrepancy with the eroded text indeed

3- text disposition
have u have here is texts failing to really properly imbricate , some elements somehow look disconnected from each other because of the way some texts are placed

4- hierarchy
there is something a little bit hot as regard to the way u displayed colors and to which text elements they were attributed , since what is probably the main point here , the discount, is finally being put in color that are not flashing at all , this having only pizzamania popping out more …

5- coherence
sorry to say just this, but as for i could understand , at this stage , the name of cthe company is nowhere to be seen , i guess u realize that this is a huge mistake , since if someone wants to promote a special offer , they most importantly again want the brand to be remembered … this is what branding is all about …

6- bullet disposition
well , if for the first two previews this is o, the third one is not … the bullet being put over the image in an almost tone on tone way is not so much of a good idea and definitely does not make the button pop out so “entice” potential customers to click …