My first submission get hard rejected, Could anyone give me review and advice about it?

I build my wedding theme, here the demo :

It get hard resurrected “it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward,”

could anyone/author give me advice and review about it?

Anything is appreciated
thank you

Maybe , colors , typography is not good. Readability destroys the theme. Specially in the footer section. Also there are some alignment issues.

Good Luck.


Hi there:

You design need improvement colors, spacing & alignments, typography is not good, too big logo on contact, etc etc but you need practice more.


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Thank you so much for the review. Could you give me some color tips or tutorial to follow? and for the footer section please give me a tips for that :smiley:

Thank you JeriTeam,

I’m improving the design now. Do you have any tutorial or suggested tutorial for me for improving the design taste?

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I don’t think this is about tutorials is more about exprience :slight_smile: Maybe some experienced authors can help you with this.

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