My first steps to Ferrari.

I’m quite new to AJ and I always miss tons of nuances in my production and thus get hard rejected. This time I would be really happy if someone told me if I have any mistakes in this track and (you would be a better Santa to me, than a real Santa if you do so) how to fix this. Please, guys, without you I’m not gonna be me an awesome red Ferrari and a cheeseburger for my gf.

That’s the thing I made the other day:


Don’t do pattern. Invent his own. Sounds nice.

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I kinda seem to get what you mean. You mean develop the melody? Isn’t it OK for different instruments to play the same melody? You see, I thought that background music should work like this, so that the changes in melody wouldn’t distract the viewers. Am I not correct?

No, you took a track from “Aj” and his image made your track.

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Well, I’m completely new to making this kind of music, you see. I really feel like need a reference, otherwise I’ll end up doing a huge number of useless experimental tunes. But thank you for the feedback, appreciate that!

Ferrari¿? :joy:
Be happy if you at least can pay the cheeseburger. :rofl:

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I expected this comment tbh. I don’t care, I will be happy to have a cheeseburger anyway :rofl: