My first song, I do not want to be rejected. Is it good?

I heard the track. First, I think the watermark is repeating too often, it can be spaced longer but within the max limits for AJ so it does not become that distracting. Secondly, the track can be reduced in length to around 2 minutes, since there is much repetition you can try to shorten it. I liked the clap and drum sounds, It seems to me that you are using two chords over the whole track, you may want to add some contrast to that, or some variations to it.The synths sounds have a nice crisp sound but you should be able to control their levels in different sections of the track, I listened to the melody and it is clashing with the main synth so you may bring down the main synth levels and eq in those sections. Overall I think the track need some changes before submitting for approval. I hope to have helped you a little bit here. Good luck mate.

Thanks for your reply! You helped me.

They are rejected my song. :frowning:

I liked the song!