My First Set of Icons has been Rejected, I want to know why?

Kitchen Icons set has been rejected, i spent about a lot of time on these. I would like to know why they are rejected and how i can improve on them. The pack has 50 icons.

6 months??? :dizzy_face:
It’s to simple and it’s a very few icons. Usually people upload sets of 200, 500, 1000 icons. I can’t even image how many time you will spend, when this pack took 6 months of your time

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hi u mean 6 hours right? lol sorry for the little joke but as Romlam mentioned 6 months to create such an item seems out of this world indeed , quite an overstatement in my view. one of the problems that I see is that the stroke is not equal depending on objects and that l still about strokes or lines, they are globally a bit too thin if u ask me. I am also not really convinced that such a line set as such a commercial potential - but I maybe wrong - as this has probably already been done and these style is rather flat to say the least , I assume that with colors and so on there would be extra value , so to speak


6 months for 20 icons!!! :sloth: LOL Even the grass grows faster!

Do a time-lapse for your next icons!

50 indeed but for sure this is still too much of a time all the same … lol