My first sale !!!!!!! UPPPYY



Finally I made my first sale , I am very very happy , thank all who have helped me , thank Envato and especially Graphicriver , I never thought going to make money from my hobby , thank you all again once , it’s not about money but it’s great to know that staying home and doing what I love and at the same time gain and money , talk, have fun and learn new things from one community to the people super nice and friendly. It seems that the work has paid off and we all hope to hear all being well over 10 years professional designers . Thank you , I am proud to belong from such a community .


congratulation & Best of luck


Congratulations!!! and welcome to the forest :slight_smile:


Congratulations :slight_smile:


Congratulations :slight_smile:


felicitari, :)>-


Awesome to hear DPGraphic!