My first rejection!

Hello! Today I received the first rejection on videohive.
It became very important for me to understand the reason for the rejection and to hear your opinion.
Please help me to understand the reason for the rejection!
For me it is very important, thank you!

I guess your project is very simple. And there are too many similar projects on the Videohive marketplace. Your project should be unique. So add some unique elements to your project, some interesting animation and transitions. Make it more flexibility. IMHO.
Good luck! :wink:

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Thank you!
But what do you mean “Make it more flexibility.”?

Your project includes few the same scenes (photo+text). You can make few different scenes: just text, or text+2 photos. I think it will be better if you add first scene with the titles… and a little logo in the corner throughout all time. You can make modular structure, for a purchuaser. When purchuaser can build compositions himself. Just make it more interesting than other similar templates on VH

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Hmm, this is interesting!)
But could you tell me how or where I can learn how to make a modular system? And how can I make a controller for the duration of the slide?
I really appreciate your help!

Just write “after effects modular structure” on YouTube

ı think your project is wery useful

Thank you… I hope, I will improve my skills to create better projects.

I meant the same thing. This project is GOOD! But… it’s not exclusive. there are too many similar projects on the Videohive marketplace

Thank you friends!