My first refund request for the purchase made on 1 august

So here we gooo… Today i got my first refund request from the user that have purchased product 2 and half month ago and he even got in touch with me about the issue : something went wrong … So i told him to check few things about the server which solves the problem one of the main thing … Totaly a main thing.

Apache rewrite mode …

I told him that routes for codeigniter are not working cause apache rewrite module have to be enbaled … But its host seems to be very different and strange as rewrite modules are not working … So basically it was its server issue .as i have already helped more then 8 people with same issue and solved the problem within 5 minutes so i told him that im not sure how its host does work as i never heard about it and never used it … But one thing im sure is my product is successfully installed on your host but one of the requirements (also available on product page sidebar ) is apache rewrite module abut your host does not seem to be have thst enbaled and you also cannot enbale that … Please change your host …

So this is what i get after 2 and half months …

… This item has bugs “something went wrong” already i have contact developer but i couldn’t fix this bugs so i am not satisfied this product. Please refund the `money or fix the bug…

Basically something went wrong means url is wrong in settings while installing the product or apache rewrite module is not working… and it is not my product 's problem but its server problem as everything is stated on product page about the requirement

What u guys say ? Should i refund or it is invalid refund with this reason after 2 and half months of purchase and download and usage.

Script does not have bugs … It is its server issue thst does not have I have all of my cleints having it functional (even on free hosting or shared hostings) and very much happy clients as it is working without any issue on their servers …

Suggest me please …

Thanks Arsh

Personally, if you can’t fix the item to work for the user, then I’d give them a refund. It’s not your fault persay, but they are still stuck with a useless item since they can’t get it work. You’ve verified that the user can’t get it to work too, so you know they aren’t pulling your leg.

Yes the timing sucks. Waiting this long after reporting an issue is annoying.

I work a lot with CodeIgniter- did you know you don’t have to use mod_rewrite rules in order to get the application to work? You can simple just use the $config[‘index_page’] = ‘index.php’; rule in your config which can be used as an alternative.

Yes i know that , but there are things might give issue. But it is not that i cannot fix that , he never gave me the server access or ftp access to fix the issue with it’s server or even making an alternative way for him.

Today also i sent him the email about if he can give me the access i will be happy to fix things out and successfully run the product on it’s server.

And it is also mentioned clearly that , you need to have mode_rewrite on and working to make things function. So basically it is clearly written also that.

But let see , if he is willing to provide me with details of server i will use alternative , else the product is on it’s server yet and just route need to be worked (apache rewrite obviously).

he gave me the server details and guess what.

he is using , to install my product , but ftp was for ; ,

and later he emailed me that , he want it to be installed on not on ,

so now i did install with very normal process as all the users should install my product , and vollaaaa , it is working without any problem.

He installed it the way it will never work. htaccess and system’s configuration was conflicting , as he was doing these kind of strange configuration things , and was blaming the product that it has bugs.