My First real project - a tumblr theme.

Hi there. I started learning web-development about 6 months ago. I started with code-academy and then went over to making a tumblr-theme. It has been a long process, because I had a lot of ideas and needed to learn pretty much every little thing that I did.

Now I’m curious how real developers would view my work. Here are 3 slightly different demos:

Yikes. Just as I had submitted the theme to tumblr and gone live, one of my dumb hacky choices bit me in the ass.

I noticed I couldn’t upload font-files to tumblr, so to get icons, I simply used the same icons that are used in the dashboard. I haven’t had a problem for like amonth, but of course, as soon as my theme goes live, they make some kind of update that changes the url for the font.files.

Now, my demo has no icons. has tumblr-icons from the new urls and I just finished chaning to font-awesome on build-pills. That version is now submitted and awaits review