My first PSD design rejection

Hi All,

I have uploaded one psd design under non profit / ngo category, after review it was rejected but I did not get the exact reason or I was unable to understand the reason behind it. There were few points and one of them was image related. Now I would like to request to all that could you please tell me one thing is there any restriction of using of image from other website like istock etc rather than photodune? Also if I use image with watermark whether it will be okay or not.

Once again I would like to request to all of you that as that was my first design there might be some wrong with my process so if any one help me for the same it will be better to me to upgrade my self for future design submission.

Please upload your image psd but format .jpg for we can help you thanks.

Thanks a lots here are the 2 design for home and about

Looking for your valuable feedback, really I want to rectify whatever the issue(s) there.

Bad colors, watermark, no use photos istockphotos, etc (premium) but you can use photos free, etc but you can write search google. but you need use placeholder not included the file photos but only images preview demo. regards.

ps: my bad english but do you understand me? if you not understand me you can make a question for me.

Thanks a lot, I got you properly… have one question, for the bad color: are asking for the theme black & Yellow colors or overlay effects on images? So I will also keep it mind for future design.

Also I have few questions:

  1. When I will submit the psd it will be only containing image place holder instead of images like banner, gallery images etc.

  2. only preview images which will be display in site, will be containing dummy images.

Once again thanks a lot for your valuable feedback / answer.

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Your can use palate colors kuler adobe link is

I reply your questions.

  1. You will submit psd included file use placeholder.
  2. Your psd images format .jpg only use with images for clients if like your psd for can buy your psd.