My first project. Help please


Hi everybody! I’m working on my first project. I’m really scare about “Hard Rejected” and “Soft Rejected” verdicts.
Soo… I would be very grateful if you give me a little time and review it!
I want to criticism and will try to correct errors in my project before applying.
All SFX recorded by me and included.
Here it is preview of my project:


Plz guys. I’m waiting


1 - after 0:25 animation goes slower than before. make it faster and add more dynamic.
2 - 0:28 titles looks too basic. at least use shape with round corners (or create something creative) and work with typography: bold and thin, different colors etc.
3 - 0:35+ add more details to make it “alive” and fun (as a music you choose)


Thanks bro!


I agree with St_Denis but more importantly want to point out that you are using the google now logo which you can not do and will be rejected because of it… learn more here: