My First Music Broadcast & Film Sale!!!

Yeah & the client bought 2!! A track called Live Happy & Be Free_
Thanks Envato


That makes 4 x Broadcast and Film Sales this week for

I really appreciate all the support for this track - Thanks Envato


You are lucky man :slight_smile: Congrats :thumbsup:

Thank You - Yep, Lucky indeed…!

Congratulations @Lovesonic. Wish you have many many more sales in future :slight_smile:

Thanks and blessed be your sales activity!!

Amazing!you must be really proud, congrats mate :smile:


Thanks FASSounds!! - Good Luck to you also…

Hey Pandocrator!!! Thanks for the clip!!
cheers Marty

Congrats!) It’s very pleasure moment ! :+1:

congrats, mate!!!

Awesome! Congrats!

Wow…Great…Congrats, Lovesonic!! :slight_smile:

happy… rare… moments… :cry:
Сongratulations, bro !!!:slight_smile:

Congrats friend! :beers:

Cool, I congratulate, I believe that one day, and I’ll wait. :champagne:

Congrats @Lovesonic !!


Excellent! Congrats!

Congrats! :cocktail::champagne:

That’s amazing congratulations!!!