My first logotype template has been rejected !!



Hello Guys !
This is my first logo template got rejected by Envato Team, can someone please offer me some opinions or tips ?
Thank you in advance for your help.


Graphic river review system is very unclear and forum has no staff replies. all of my three logos are rejected as well.


I have other logos to publish, but now I’m stuck, I have to understand the cause of this refusal, in order to subsequently correct my future work.


They keep rejecting trust me! i seen worst logos on the graphicriver and i thought to my self how the hell those got approved.


[link removed by mod]

not sure how this got approved! no offense though


This model is very recent, it dates from March 2018 !!!
There really, I ask myself a lot of questions …:thinking:


Yeah im not sure how that designer got this design approved.


Thank you very much for participating in my request and for your support


hello guys

-> theprecious - logo you showed keeps shape and it is very universal in use, also it is a little eye catching. This logo also can be used in many industries on the market, imagine this - drop logo - this is good for oils, kitchens, print industry, car painting, water, juice… so many fields. Maybe it is not masterpiece but as I aid, it keeps shape, it is ok and it fits for lot of industries.

I am not alfa and omega and this is just my opinion and you don’t need to agree with me :slight_smile:

-> Redhim - your logo is about specific market -> food market, and more specific because sushi. Sushi is art and pursuit of perfection as you know. Your logo must be the same. You have very good lines there on this piece of… salmon ? And here is a problem, I asked if it’s salmon or not, so you should put something what anyone will recognize in seconds if it’s salmon, tuna, shrimp etc. I am sure your logo was not rejected because of technical quality, your technical quality looks very very good. Try do something more obvious. If you want put shrimp make it look like shrimp , if salmon make salmon. And i think there’s a little problem with those sticks, looks to tiny in comparision with the rest.

Good Luck and keep do this, you got good skills, very good, rejections are just stairs before you reach sky :slight_smile:


@Novocaina : Thank you very much for your intervention, your opinion is very objective and impactful.
You are absolutely right about my logo. your advice will be very useful for my next creation.
Once again, 1000 thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks Novocaina


check this one too -

thumbnail logo color and the preview image logo color has big difference. and not sure if they saw the preview image quality HAHA


Hello :wink: my second logotype template was rejected.
Can anyone give me some advice? What is wrong with it?
Thanks a lot :wink:


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You need to include a vertical version as well, In my opinion


Hello @theprecious :wink:
You mean the horizontal version that was missing
I think so too, but I found logos templates approved of some authors who posted only the vertical version without the horizontal version!


not really necessary, I’ll send 1 file to your mail wait…




Many Thanks @TechSpark :grinning::grinning:


Read your email and send me “Hi” again… so I can help…