my first logo was rejected, help me please, Give advace ?

The concept isn’t strong enough and the gradient effect and color combination doesn’t work work well. Also you need to create a horizontal version and color variations.

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I but before i was create a horizontal and color variations, but doesnt work

Horizontal and colour variations aren’t actually required, as it’s not mentioned in the official GraphicRiver logo requirements. Even taglines are completely optional.

I appreciate it, but I’m no so sure my comment is the answer to your question.

apreciate it, thankyou for your response,

so this changed … as a while ago they used to be … anyway are they kind of optional , really? surprisingly enough i have never seen any item not having these stuffs and making it for sale … cohincidence?

i do agree with u , there is a matter of strengthening of the concept indeed, though, even if i like the share us one for instance, there is another issue as regard to contrast as different part of the logo aren’t differing enough and this breeds that nothing is popping out or the global item looks dark and somehow some way dull too …