My first logo template rejected, plz advice!

Plz have a look at my logo template and advice as to why it might have been rejected. Is it typography? Or the basic concept? Also, do I have to upload the font used in the template as well?unnamed

Hi, the image you uploaded is too small to evaluate it.

For the fonts you will have to insert the links to the websites where the customer can download the fonts in a .DOC or .TXT file. After that you can put it in your ZIP file that contains also .AI (for CC & CS version) .EPS version -> Illustrator 10 and if you want also .JPG and . PNG files and upload.

an example of my file for the font:



Download and install the font.
Next open your vector file.
Edit the name and tagline.

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Thanks for very helpful fonts advice. Right now I am on my android phone. I will upload full size logo from my PC soon.

This is the full size logo template. Opinions/critics/advice most welcome.

This is very basic and simple design. Try something unique and appealing.

Isn’t it unique? I mean, the traditional Indian motifs painted on the pot, etc…? I am from India, and I desire to bring India’s cultural uniqueness into at least some of my designs.

Your design is ok but the font isn’t much appealing and if you keenly observe the envato market you can notice that there are more creative and unique designs out there. Try to make some complex and creative stuff it should contain more advanced techniques rather than simple and basic work. I advice you to please take some time and polish your design skills and come back again. Wanna see your success right here again in this forum. Good Luck.

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Thanks much for the helpful advice. My next design will surely be more complex and unique!

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