My first Logo got rejected in Review Process

Hey Envato Authors,
I have something to share.
I have put my soul and heart to create my first logo to submit in Graphic River.
But, after a long review process, it got rejected.
The reason was " it isn’t at the quality standard required".
My question is:
What was wrong with my logo? How can I improve my next submission?
I would appreciate any type of critic and tips.
Thank you for your valuable time.

I like it, my only problems are that the lines in the icon don’t have the same width and spacing, and the tagline font doesn’t fit very well. I’d try a font with a bit more weight, maybe even try a serif font paired with the sans-serif for the name, a lot of the time you can find some pairs that work really well together. Also with the text, there’s no variation in colour like you have in the icon, this may also help make it stand out and look more interesting. The colours themselves could use a bit more work as well, try looking up some trending colour palettes and use those.

I believe you also need to have a horizontal version as well, with the text on the right side of the logo.

Unfortunately since it was hard rejected, you have to make some significant changes for it to be accepted, but perhaps if you change the fonts, colours, and fix up the icon, it might be enough. If you decide to make these changes, or even different changes that others might mention later, then post it here so we can figure out if it’s enough.


this is the one of the reasons for sure. Heart and soul are not enough bro :slight_smile: math do the work too :slight_smile: peace


Thank you for the in-depth analysis of my logo. It means a lot to me.

So, should I :

  1. Adjust the width and spacing to equal,
  2. Change the text to Sarif and San-Sarif
  3. Add colors to text, like the icon.
  4. Use a trending color palette with some gradient.

I have added the horizontal version of the logo in the main file.

Again, thank you for your time. I can’t ask for more. It means a lot to me.
I will surely post the changes here to get feedback from you.

Thanks you for your comment.
Sure, only heart and soul wasn’t enough for it.
I will keep this problem in mind and try to solve the logo.

also type “golden ratio” in google, this can help too. :slight_smile: read about this by yourself :slight_smile: good luck.

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Thanks for mentioning Golden Ration, I will research more about it.
Will Golden Ratio work on this logo?

golden ratio is everywhere, this is about Fibonacci number too

For example type “golden ratio in nature” :slight_smile: or “golden ratio in logo” or “Golden ratio in design”

Golden ratio is not recipe - this is basics :slight_smile:

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Oh interesting :open_mouth: thank you for letting me know.
I will research it more. and use it in the design.

we are learning all life :slight_smile: you just made a next step :slight_smile: good luck.

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Thank you so much. It still freaks me out, as you guys are top rated author. Still you guys helping newbie like me. Your advice will help me a lot.

ratings are important but they are not most important - remember -> you are as good as your last design :slight_smile: period.

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