My First logo design rejected by quality team...please advise my design to be accepted graphicriver?

This is too busy for a logo. Looks like a vector illustration. A logo should have a more simple shape.

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Thank you for your advice… :slight_smile:

Please font’ cut the neck of your fox. and you can make it more simpler by reducing gradients. I like this logo. good luck.

Thanks :slight_smile:

hi what u have to identify is that here this is not really the kind of style that they expect for or at eats that u are in between two styles … between the kind of NBA logo style (but not as punchy and impressive visually) and some more corporate logo that they expect here to be more concept based and more in keeping with current trends where pathfinder cuts are more of what the logo is all about indeed … here this is too detailed , not to mention that this is hard to read the concept behind this logo in the end …