My first item was rejected... Tell me what needs to be improved, please.

i received “unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward” feedback email for my item. Demo link: Item demo link is here

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Hi, your item really needs a lot of improvements.
Copy (as in text copy) - try not to use the generic lorem ipsum text as much but give the user a more real world idea as to how the content will be presented. Very often the generic text put in by the designer turns out to be too much or too little and the layout looks broken when the user edits the template as per their use case.
Spelling errors - in several places you have spelling errors which doesn’t look professional (for example 3th September).
Responsiveness - the layout breaks in some places when the browser window is resized and the page has to be reloaded - which is a big problem. I am talking about Speakers slider and logos section.
Design problems - in the schedule section you have three dates and their schedules and it already looks like there isn’t enough space. What if the conference is 4 or 5 days in a row? How will all that information be displayed in desktop and on mobile. And more examples can be given.
Also the contact form isn’t working which means that additional work has to be done by the end user.
Not to be mean, I am just pointing out what I think is the problem. Let me know if you found this as a solution.


You also need to remove trademark logos like Amazon and Microsoft and change your profile name (cannot use envato trademarks or marketplace names etc.)



Thank you for your reply.