My first item rejected

Hey everyone,

I’m a new member of AudioJungle and my first item was rejected ! Would be really grateful if someone could give me some feedback on why my item was rejected.

Thx Laurent

It seems to me that this track is difficult to use commercially, and “flexibility” is one of the main criteria for music on the AJ.

Hi, I’m no expert in this genre, but I find the bass tuning a bit at odds with the other synths. Maybe strange harmonics or just odd note choices? I think that could be a reason for rejection, as it doesn’t necessarily work commercially.

Also, it’s extremely long. You could focus the arrangement into half that time, which might make it more commercially appealing.

Hope that helps!

Thank you for your help Lemonello

Thank you for your suggestions Alister,

Stock music needs to get to the point really quickly, most tracks are between 2 and 3 minutes so I think you need to really condense it down. There are some really helpful articles on the forum about this kind of thing. Check out this one and the links provides. Good luck! 5 point AudioJungle strategy