my first item rejected please feddback


This item was submitted and was rejected. Can you help me improve performance?


Your item has a really good potential.
What can I recommend you is to come with a more creative design or something unique. This way your item has much higher chances to be accepted.

Also, you could also put some icons that fits good with each other.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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thank you so much

With respect this is a long way off the standard esp. for such an incredibly crowded and tough to approve category

The logo feels a bit clip-arty

The layout of the contact info with the web address down the bottom doesn’t work

The black area at the base of the contact info that doesn’t feature anywhere else feels like is not meant to be there

Some of the color blocks esp. the bigger blue ones on the front look really weird with the jagged and curved points

It’s hard to tell at that angle but the margins, alignment and spacing seem off for example the little logo on the back is not properly positioned in terms of padding or alignment to anything else on the design

The typography esp. font choices need work

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You can implement the changes with the things as said by the community moderator in the comment above. Best of Luck for next time!

thank you so much

thank you