My First Item 'QuizHub' is under review

My first item QuizHub is under review.
It is a web application to create quizzes built with reactjs and firebase. It will be useful for teachers and educational institutions.
I have priced it 10dollars. Whether this price for this app is correct. Will it be rejected because of pricing.
Live demo
Please provide me suggestion.
Thank you.

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It’s against Envato’s rules for people to provide advice on what you should price your items at… you need to make that decision yourself.

in codecanyon you are free to set your own item price as you like. and for pricing item will not be rejeceted. item can reject if not meet the quality standard.

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It looks like something that will be accepted and go for sale. It’s nice, but as a user I hate it. :grimacing: Mostly because I hate this kind of app, in general.

In my opinion, an item should have a price that matches what you think it’s the actual value of that item. Don’t let buyers drive your price below your expectation.

Thanks for your reply :blush:

Hi HoneySide,
My Item got rejected for not meeting coding standard.
I hope it is time to work harder now.
Thanks for your opinion.