My first item.i need feedback?

I want to get your feedback about my first work, i am new to themeforest. It is an HTML theme . I want to know if my theme have a chance here. Thank you in advance.


nobody can tell me ?

It actually looks quiet nice. The logo really isn’t a good fit for your theme though, it doesn’t exactly look elegant enough. Also, add contrasts between the sections, maybe try to use a slightly different white for every other section.

In the service section, on large screens, please use 4 columns in a container instead of 2 col x 2 rows.

In your pricing section, the border around the three pricing options is too thick (imo), again it detracts from the elegant style of your theme.

Your “Best News” section needs the most work. The dark heading is not optimal, try and imrpove this section.

thank you so much !

anybody else.Thank you

Ur theme is very good and pretty. Animations are also good but I think u can improve the following things also

Try to use intellegent navigation bar
For eg it should be fixed on top but intellegently, means when we scroll down it will hide and when we scroll up it will show

U can also improve responsiveness of ur site so. It doesnt perfectly fits on mobile.

thank you verry much.I will work on responsivness,

anyone else ?