My First Item got HARD REJECTION

I had submitted my first item on themeforest and got HARD REJECTION. I change the whole item and submit again but result is same. I am still trying to figure out where i am making mistake, please Authors do let me know what mistake i m doing while submitting. I will be thankful.

First Attempt

Second Attempt

Third Attempt ( 2 Homepage Versions + Blog Pages)

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Those are basically the same item. What is even the point of renaming it? Just stick to one iteration and keep improving it. For example, some texts and objects are harder to read because of low contrast.

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Thanks for your response, i just change the name and logo because i think i cant upload item with same name, if there is no any issue then i will stick with same.
As you describe i have problem with readability in text and objects so i will improve the contrast issue, can you please let me know any other problem in my second homepage or blog pages?
please check them out also, Thanks for helping me out.

Homepage V02
Blog Single

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When you are hard rejected, you can’t resubmit the same item without significant changes. However you basically did resubmitted the same item without any significant changes, you just renamed it. This can get you banned, so I wouldn’t recommend doing it again. make sure the items is seriously improved before your next resubmission.

Blog single page needs some serious improvements in terms of typography and spacing.


I think makes some room for content would be great, it looks too crowded now. Icons, especially beside nav menu looks blend & others as already said by @LSVRthemes

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@LSVRthemes Thanks for your response and suggestions, i updated my design and need your opinion about that, i improve contrast issue and make objects and text visible and readable, i also remove background shapes which are creating issue, i update few sections also which was looked complicated, like testimonials. banner and footer. i also improve spacing and make room in sections as @CoderExperts suggest, please take a look and give your important suggestion, Thanks
@XioxGraphix @charlie4282 @StereoHive please give your suggestion, Thanks

Previous Design

New Design is attached

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@codexlayer I hope they have told you why it was rejected, i can only imagine its in the hard coding because the design, readability and color contrast is very good. I have been working professionally as a graphic designer for the past 22 years and think this is up there with the best of them.

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Hi @codexlayer, cool layout my thoughts are that you have a few things to play around with in regards to the graphic design of it. But this is subjective and are my opinions and doesn’t mean it would work too cause you would have to test it out on your end. Check out the snap shots for the info.



My Theme was got hard rejected and they didn’t mention the reason of rejection that’s why i ask on forum because i didn’t figure out the problem, as you said design is perfect then i think i have to go with design first and then i will submit HTML version after submission of design. And Thanks for your response and kind words.

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Thanks for your response and things that you point in screenshot definitely will be improved, i will fix all of them and then i will submit my design first.
Do you have any knowledge of files which we have to upload for design template?

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You have a few errors that might cause the rejection.
You can see the full report at:

I have nothing to do with this site I just use it to check some of my project sites.

Again I think your first design stands out as a unique and functional web page and I don’t think the few changes people suggested would fix anything other then make it look less unique.

It’s hard to balance a new design with user functionality, but I think your page hits all the marks.

Good luck to you in the future and hope you get many sales.

Hello @codexlayer

Your design is good but problem too spacing, typography, etc and maybe also too similar other design in themeforest you need more working as creative for themeforest will to be approved.

Note: If you upload images very slow open your website for internet you can upload images and download images in link:

Good Luck, regards.

Your new design looks much better now but still there are few problems in my view for example “Services & Skill section”, right icons in every section, color combination on few areas like progressbar etc.

you giving the report for HTML version of my previous design and i am going to submit design first this time, i want to fix all issues of design side then i will go for HTML Template, Moreover when you make something first time you put all of your effort and it really hurts when themeforest reject that and you have to change that thing which you made by your heart, i know i make less unique but i try to make perfect because i want them to accept my first item and i am desperate for that.
Thanks for your kind words

Can you please point out the issue in service and skills then i will fix that, and what you are trying to point in icons on right? If you point issue then its easy for me to fix, Actually this is my first item and you guys are my hope to accept on envato. Thanks in advance mate

yeah sorry @codexlayer not sure about the files on the theme forest. You might have to double check on their upload procedures for that one or from any other author on here. Cheers