My first item feedback before submitting it to Envato

Hello guys!
I would like your feedback regarding a Discount Voucher (PSD) before submitting it to Envato.

3 Colors Discount Voucher (PSD)
Color Mode - CMYK, 8bits/Channel
Voucher Size - 8.75x4.25, 300 DPI
Smart Object Image

I have some questions for my submission.

  1. Is that compulsory to create voucher front and back side design?
  2. I can only upload Voucher (PSD) in Envato?
  3. How many par-send this item can be approved?

any suggestions are welcome.

hi this is basically rather clean but there are a lot of things that u may improve all the same and this would certainly take your game to the next level …
to answer your question, no indeed, i do not think that this is compulsory to have a 2-sided voucher …

1- contrast
u have several texts that are not contrasting with the background and the problem is that the direct result is that these texts not only are not popping out but they are even very hardly readable indeed …

2- hierarchy
this is resulting from point 1, as some texts, among not necessarily the least important by the way, are not springing out, indeed, this is impacting negatively the hierarchy of information of your document … think about it the information as regard to what kind of food this is is hard to read , when this is an important issue

3- logo
if i were u i would work on a decent fake logo so that this is giving a special additional graphic touch to your items

4- sense
sorry to say just this but it makes very little sense to have “japanese food” and to have a picture of a pizza right next to it … it kills part of the credibility of your work indeed

5- footer
i do not know what is the size of the font u use out there but it looks really really small … and the problem is that inside u have contact information , which are somehow some way essential