My first item, Command Prompt 404, has been rejected. Please help me.

I’m Doron, from Israel. I uploaded my first item to ThemeForest and it was rejected.
Can you help me to find the problems to be able to improve my future uploades?
My item is a 404 error page and you can see it in the following link
Any help will be great.

Please can someone help me?
I want to become better…

Hi mate. Nobody needs such 404 page for free even… Create profitable work.

OK I hope I understand what you mean, Thanks.

do not send anything, this website has long smelled like . they only accept the work of friends, and the funny thing that most of them are painful

@johncaesar can you share with me the works that was rejected?

thanks, but I’m going to sell my designs to another site, this site is a mafia.
I am a professional designer with more than 20 years working for multinationals and they treat me like a newbie !! Laughing! I have presetando an impeccable work and above do not give me a reason for rejection. Thanks and bye.

OK wish you luck! and make awesome stuff…